NextPharma Berlin is specialised in the development, manufacturing and packaging of beta-lactam antibiotics with a dedicated production area for pencillicin containing solid oral forms, as well products containing combined amoxicillin and clavulanic acid for human and veterinary treatment.  

In addition, development services are offered for beta-lactam antibiotics, from development of new products, transfer of production, commercial supply to stability studies.

The following services are offered

Pharmaceutical Development

  • Pharmaceutical formulation development
  • Scale-up (pilot-scale, production-scale)
  • Validation
  • Manufacturing of stability batches
  • Galenic optimisation of existing formulae
  • Registration services


  • Analytical development
  • Validation
  • Stability testing / storage
  • Quality control
  • Market release

Commercial Manufacturing and Packaging

Mixing/Blending 1800 tonnes
Granulation 1800 tonnes
Tabletting 570m tablets
Coating 250m tablets
Blistering 50m blisters
Sacheting 13m sachets
Bottling 2m bottles
Manufacturing 1,300 m²
Regulatory status EMA, FDA (USA)

Site contact information


Breitenbachstr. 13-14
D-13509 Berlin


+49-30-4 14 79 50-12​​​​​​​