Manufacturing, packaging, labelling

Worldwide distribution of clinical trials supplies

Every clinical trial comes with its own challenges and special features. You need a reliable partner who will guide you through these challenges up to the completion on time. 

NextPharma Clinical Trials supply services from pre-clinical through to all clinical phases of commercialization. With a highly experienced Project Manager, you get a single point of contact throughout the duration of the project. Our Project Team will take your Project from start to finish with the key being communication of the project scope, resources and cost that will make your project successful.

  • Primary contact for the client to ensure optimal project flow within NextPharma
  • Flexible project work in close cooperation with the client
  • Individual creation of all manufacturing- and packaging-related documents
  • Centre of excellence for Phase I to IV clinical trials with highly educated and experienced project managers (biologists, pharmaceutical engineers, biotechnologists, pharmacists, MSC)

We offer full clinical trial services including:

  • Pharmaceutical Forms
  • Manufacturing
  • ODP (Orphan Drug Product)
  • Packaging & labelling
  • QP Service
  • Storage, Distribution & Destruction
  • Additional Service
  • Analytical service
  • Pharmaceutical Development

Referring services

Analytical and micriobiological services

Pharmaceutical Development