NextPharma Ploërmel site is a centre of excellence for development of lipid-based formulations and manufacturing of Softgel for nutritional, and Softgel and Licaps® for OTC and Rx products.

The Ploërmel site can support customers who face bioavailability challenges through more than 20 years of experience in developing and manufacturing lipid-based dosage forms. The Ploërmel site consists of three fully segregated and dedicated buildings, one for nutritional products, another for pharmaceutical products and finally one dedicated to hormonal products. Each pharmaceutical facility can handle HPAPI and products sensitive to oxidation. The site was acquired from Lonza in 2021. 

The following services are offered

Pharmaceutical Development

  • Pharmaceutical formulation development
  • Technical batches in a dedicated suite
  • Scale-up (pilot-scale, production-scale)
  • Technical transfer
  • Validation
  • Manufacturing of stability batches including registration and validation
  • Galenic optimisation of existing formulation


  • Analytical development
  • Validation
  • Stability testing / ICH storage
  • Quality control
  • Market release

Commercial Manufacturing & Packaging Capacity

Nutritional Softgel 1.8 billion capsules
Pharmaceutical Softgel 1.4 billion capsules
Rx Hormonal Softgel 0.7 billion capsules
Pharmaceutical Licaps 0.2 billion capsules
Xcelodose 1.5 million capsules
Nutritional certificates ISO22000, FOS (Friend of the Sea), Ecocert, Hallal
Regulatory status Anvisa (Brazil), US FDA, EMA, audited by Russian authorities

Site contact information


ZI de Camagnon
B.P. 320
56803 Ploërmel CEDEX