Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading and most trusted, reliable and innovative Europe-based CDMO by upholding the highest industry standards and exceeding customer expectations, while driving strong, sustainable growth for the company.



NextPharma's commitment is to implement and align its strategy and vision to continue to develop its reputation as a leading CDMO. To achieve these objectives, we have established the following pillars:

A growing CDMO with profitable and competitive services


Continuous organic growth supported by strong levels of customer trust, and inorganic growth through acquisition of new services, to become increasingly recognised worldwide.

NextPharma will continue to grow by developing its existing business, ensuring that each of our sites and activities continue contributing to profitable growth. In parallel, acquisition of new services, expanding into either new technologies or into new geographies, will continue to be a key focus, implementing smooth integration processes and generating commercial and operating synergies.

NextPharma will be carbon neutral in 2025.

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NextPharma’s board decided in July 2021 to launch the strategic initiative ‘Path to CO2 neutrality in the NextPharma Group’ planned to be completed by late 2024. Key steps, team organisation and budget have been agreed. To achieve the target of CO2 neutrality in the NextPharma Group from materials entry to shipment (scope 1 and scope 2), NextPharma phases its measures in three steps:

1) the provision of transparency,

2) a focus on optimisation and CO2 reduction in the implementation of its actions, followed by CO2 substitution and, in a final step, compensation, and

3) continuous improvement bound to minimise emissions so that compensation is no longer required. Our roadmap comprises three stages: preparation, implementation and improvement.



Developing long-term partnerships


Having a sustainable company with all our sites profitable and well-invested, supporting our customers in long-term partnerships and underpinning security of supply of their products.

NextPharma has been built around long-term historical relationships with our customers. It is part of our DNA and we believe that our future will be strengthened further by building on these foundations and by deepening and expanding these collaborations and partnerships. Today over 60% of our customers have been working with us for more than ten years, demonstrating the durability of our partnerships. We aspire to continue to develop these privileged relationships, as well as to developing new ones. 

Providing best in class services

The German roots of our company have built a culture of dedication in our services through rigour and accountability, a key strategic commitment to our customers.

As a company we are always concentrating our services on providing the best outcome within agreed timelines and in a professional manner. In the last few years in order to achieve these results we have concentrated our efforts on continuous improvement. For example, in respect of quality, most of our sites have been successfully audited by the FDA, supported by a global quality policy to implement the same high levels of quality across all our facilities. On the operational side, investing in new equipment and facility optimisation have improved our efficiency and competitiveness. Other areas of our business, for example project management and procurement, have also been continuously evolving and improving to better support our customers and their products. 


Building around our customer dedication

Customer satisfaction is our key commitment with our day to day dedication to be the best performer in the following areas:

Customer focused

Synergies between
production & development


Flexible partner
Fast to act / lean

Project management &
excellent product transfers

Local and Global

Supporting the planet through efficient environmental and social policies

The continuous improvement of our environmental, health and safety, and corporate governance management systems helps improve the quality of all our lives. 

As a company, we are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and communities. As a pharmaceutical producer we are producing high quality drugs to support the health of all people. As an employer, we have defined operating standards in the areas of labour, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. To illustrate this day-to-day company commitment, we are proud to have reduced our CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by 20% since 2016, despite our revenues growing by 5 to 10% per year over the same period. 


Developing our people to deliver on our promises

Our teams comprise very talented people, bringing together their skills and expertise either through long-term development at NextPharma or by attracting them to the company. To continue to deliver the best service it is vital to attract, develop and retain excellent individuals. 

We are constantly working on building and developing our teams to be the most skilled, efficient and motivated through training, participation in projects, and understanding of the company's strategy and objectives. The constant commitment of our people is the key to our success and to that of our customers and partners.