Onwards and upwards

Tanja, Laboratory Chemist at NextPharma

For Tanja, there is only one option. Onwards and upwards. Tanja, a Laboratory Chemist, works in the Quality Assurance department at NextPharma. She checks the measurements, formulas and hardness/purity grades of many different medications. And whatever she does, she always takes responsibility. What’s more, Tanja organises works outings and summer parties, sits on the Works Council and is a member of the Representative Council for People with Severe Disabilities. Uncompromisingly dedicated. As a matter of conviction. And because she doesn’t want anything to stand in her way, Tanja values one thing above all else at NextPharma: streamlined communication channels. Without them, it would not be possible to get such important decisions right on a daily basis. Nor would it be possible to do so without dedicated employees like Tanja. We are keenly aware of this – and are delighted that Tanja has managed to achieve a new lease of life following a serious illness. With the full support of all her colleagues. And with the spirit that we have come to associate with her: strong, passionate and always looking to the future. After all, the next step is always the one that matters most.