A warm sense of humour

Issaka, Machine Operator at NextPharma

Issaka originally comes from Niger in West Africa. He settled in Göttingen more than 20 years ago, when he came to Germany to study. Issaka now works as a Machine Operator at NextPharma, where he takes his job very seriously indeed. He knows that everything has to be just right. And that one check too many is better than one too few. It’s important to take enough time, however fast-paced and dynamic his working environment is. There’s no danger of him getting bored. Especially not with his colleagues, some of whom have become really good friends. What do they have in common? Their shared sense of humour, which creates a relaxed atmosphere that extends beyond our production facility. Whether at Christmas markets, at barbecues or in the team’s WhatsApp group. The group name proves that its members have a warm sense of humour. The name of the group? Ask Issaka – if you want to be part of this fun-loving bunch.