Career opportunities

Passion meets prospects

Joining NextPharma means taking the next step. A strong step forward. Because you will be adding prospects to your passion. With vision. Whether you are an entry-level candidate, a specialist or an executive: the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries are full of challenges and future potential. And it’s a future that we at NextPharma want to shape. Together with you.

Entry-level candidates

Find the perfect fit as an entry-level candidate. We’ll show you our working environment. And you show us your passion. Let’s grow together. And take the next step.

Specialists and executives

Passion knows its own power. And what direction it wants to take. If you join us as a specialist or executive, you can rest assured that your experience will get the recognition it deserves. And that it will continue to flourish. On international projects and thanks to frequent new opportunities. That’s a promise.