Application help

Your complete documents are very important for your application process with us.

When creating your postal and e-mail application, make sure that all necessary documents are attached. These include:

  • a meaningful cover letter in which you briefly explain to us which job you are applying for, why you would like to work with us and why you apply to our job advertisement
  • a tabular CV, from which your previous school career, your previous career and fields of activity emerge
  • Work certificates, certificates and other evidence
  • Your next possible entry date and your salary expectations, except for training offers

Please make sure that your email attachments are completely appended in pdf format. For security reasons, all other formats are not accepted by the system and we cannot process your application.

If you have someone's application read correction, possible mistakes can be avoided in advance.

The interview:

We are pleased to welcome applicants who have been informed about the NextPharma Group in advance. Nervousness during the interview is quite normal and is one of them. We would like to get to know YOU, so: just stay yourself and don't adjust. Also, consider in advance which questions you might have to answer or what questions you have for us, which shows that you are interested in working in our company.

This is how the application process at the NextPharma Group works:

  1. After receiving your application by email, you will immediately receive an automatic confirmation of receipt from us. If you submit your application in writing, you will not receive an acknowledgement of receipt from us.
  2. Since it takes some time to view the application documents, we ask for a little patience until you receive further feedback from us. Of course, we try to ensure that the procedure does not drag on for too long.
  3. If you have been shortlisted, we invite you to a personal interview, telephone or video interview with the future direct superior and a colleague from our HR team.
  4. If you were able to convince us during your interview, we will ask you for your feedback and then, if necessary, a second interview will follow.
  5. If we are convinced by you after the discussions, we offer you a cooperation. If you too are convinced by us, then, among other things, contract-relevant data will be discussed. And then it says


Welcome to the NextPharma Group!